Great Food in Maryland

If you’re looking to enjoy some incredible seafood, then Maryland is the place for you! I set out on an expedition to scope out the best seafood. Being from Indiana, I’m usually pretty skeptical when I see seafood on the menu. So my trip to Maryland was my chance to indulge.


I set off downtown headed for some incredible crab cakes. I had heard from multiple people that Faidley’s Seafood at the Lexington Market was the best place to go. I simply had to scope out these legendary crab cakes, and when I found them I was pleasantly surprised. The Lexington Market is such an exciting place! There are booths with cuisine from all around the world, and even though I wandered around I only bought food from the seafood section.

I tried a crab ball, crab cakes, fried shrimp, and raw oysters. While the oysters took a while to figure out, they were pretty good. And the crab cakes and fried shrimp was to die for! This is a must on your travel bucket list.

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Another necessary stop is at Amiccis – an Italian restaurant in the heart of Baltimore. Start off with the Pane’ Rotundo. It is described as, “a round Italian loaf of bread, brushed with garlic butter, toasted and topped with shrimp in a creamy scampi sauce.” (I was too mesmerized to remember to take pictures, but head over to the website to explore the menu.)

There are many different incredible pasta dishes you can enjoy. My favorite was the Penne La Rosa. You can also build your own, which is pretty great.


Annapolis is the quaintest, most picturesque town. And its seafood does not disappoint. Walking around downtown I stumbled across a sushi restaurant called Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar. This was, hands-down, the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. I tried a Maryland Crab Roll and a specialty that the waitress recommended. The Maryland Crab Roll was pretty standard, but I could not get enough of the other!

I have searched Yelp, the menu, and various internet pictures, but cannot remember what this roll is called. But ask the waitress what the most popular roll is and he or she will deliver this to you. It has avocado, salmon, and crunches. Everything is so reasonably priced and delicious. At lunch the restaurant was not very busy and I loved it!


For dinner, I was on a mission for Maryland Blue Crab. Not crab cakes, not crab balls, just regular hard shell Blue Crab. Surprisingly, there were not many places downtown that I could get hard shell crab. Most of the locals recommended that we travel a few miles away. However, we were on a budget and time crunch, so we found Buddy’s – the only place offering hard shell blue crab even though they were out of season.

It was a spectacular experience! I got a platter with Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, Maryland Blue Crab, and a crab cake. I also got the crab dip for an appetizer and had an amazing Mai Tai. I had the experience of a life time learning how to crab open my own crabs!

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how the waiters will walk you through it. It’s pretty easy so after the first one you can crack open the rest!

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There you have it, my favorite seafood in Maryland!

All my best,


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