Flight Tips for Students

Whenever I ask people who want to travel, why they don’t, the cost of flights is usually a very popular answer. Unfortunately, it is true for most people that the cost of purchasing airline tickets keeps them from traveling as often as they’d like. While there are many tricks and tips to getting discounted air fare, there is one website in particular that I can always rely on and is designed for college students on a budget.

One of the best-kept secrets for student travelers is a website called Student Universe. The website itself says, “StudentUniverse empowers students and youth to travel. We offer discounted rates on flights, hotels, tours, groups and more.”

I only learned about this website last year when one of my fellow Greece travelers shared it with me. She booked a one-way ticket to Greece for $500. I have since used this website to get roundtrip tickets to Washington D.C. for $120, and I am looking at roundtrip tickets to Europe this spring for $800.

Tip: When you are searching for flights, include the days you are planning to travel, but then choose “flexible” instead of “exact” dates. Student Universe will compare prices to the days before and after your expected travel dates so you might be able to get cheaper prices if you fly on different days.

It’s important to remember that if you want to get cheaper airfare, you must be flexible. You must be flexible with the dates, times and connections. If you want nonstop flights on the exact days you want to travel at a specific time, you will end up paying full price for a plane ticket. However, if you are willing to fly early in the morning or late at night, and you don’t mind making a stop or two on your journey, you will be able to find much cheaper tickets. Sometimes you can use connecting flights and layovers to explore new cities!

Also considering your destination at the time of year you want to travel is important. With student schedules there are specific times you can travel, and unfortunately these breaks tend to be more expensive times to fly. If you want to fly to Florida during spring break you will be purchasing very expensive plane tickets. However, if you decide to go to the east coast or out west, you will find much more reasonably prices tickets.

What are some other great travel websites you use to find discounted plane tickets?

Happy Exploring!

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