Hiking in Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Photo May 11, 5 25 20 PM

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is flat land surrounded by pine and birch trees. You will drive along two lane interstates the entire way, and there will be moments you arrive at the top of a road only to look out at miles of beautiful woodlands. If there’s one place in the UP that you need to go, it’s to Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.52.02 PM

This state park is located in the North Eastern UP, and the drive there is beautiful because you will drive through Hiawatha National Forrest. There are two water falls: the Upper Falls & Lower Falls. The Tahquamenon River is 89 miles long and stretches east along the peninsula. The water is a red-brown color because of the minerals that are found in the water. It makes the river breath-taking as the sun reflects on it and it crashes over the falls.


The Upper and Lower Falls are four miles apart from each other, and you can hike along trails between them. Pictured here are the Lower Falls. The other option is to drive and simply walk the immediate trails leading to the falls from the parks’ entrance.


I preferred the trail at the Lower Falls because of the landscape and the length. The terrain was incredible, as large trees loomed above us and the path would suddenly turn to sandy ground. This path is 3/4 of a mile to the falls, so you will walk 1 1/2 miles. An easy hour hike.


The Upper Falls, pictured above, are very close to the park entrance. It is only 1/4 mile hike, and you have the option of taking the nature trail or a paved sidewalk. I would recommend the nature trail, but both will get you there in just a few minutes.


The Upper Falls are neat because there are multiple viewing areas. A few are right off the path, but you can get up close and personal to the falls but trekking down 94 stair steps and walking out onto a viewing post.

Photo May 11, 5 16 19 PM

This is a must-see in the UP, and I’d recommend going in May because the weather is perfect for hiking. It was 55 degrees and sunny all day, and because it was early enough in the year the site was empty. We had the falls to ourselves. It was peaceful and breath-taking. Don’t pass up this opportunity.



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