Visiting Omaha, Nebraska


Tucked away in the heart of the Midwest is an up-and-coming city that I recently had the opportunity to explore. Omaha, Nebraska is the Heartland of America and very proud to be. The city is filled with gorgeous parks, giant murals and rests along this Missouri River, just adding to its charm.

Exploring Omaha

The population of Omaha is just under 500,000 people, making it the 41st largest city in the United States. But don’t worry, this city has a lot to offer. People come to visit the zoo and its botanical gardens, and even a great children’s museum.

My favorite part of the city? It’s called The Old Market.


This neighborhood is right next to the Heartland of America park, and features old brick roads, old west styled buildings and many fun shops and restaurants. I explored beautiful shops with leather and handmade soaps, but I was mostly interested in finding a great restaurant. There are many to choose from in the Old Market, including the Twisted Fork, Omaha Spaghetti Works, and Dubliner Pub.

I originally went to Omaha assuming I would eat a delicious burger or steak dinner, however, the number of Mexican restaurants I passed surprised me. After browsing many, many menus, I decided to check out a restaurant called Eat The Worm. The menu was simple. Everything was a la carte and cheap, but none the less delicious. It had a fun atmosphere and the workers were friendly. It certainly wasn’t how I expected to spend my evening, but it was well worth it!


Staying in Omaha

AirBNBs are cheap and relatively close. We stayed on 31st street, and both of our Uber rides were under $6. I definitely recommend trying this, and using Uber to get downtown rather than parking. All day parking was available, but it came at a price. You could pay meters on the side of the streets, but many had time limits and that can also be costly.

As for hotels, the Hilton and the Homewood Suites are downtown. The Days Inn is cheaper, but farther from downtown so you would still want to use a car service to explore the city.

This city is fun, clean, and a wonderful place to visit. Don’t pass it up!

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