Hiking in Colorado’s Staunton State Park

Colorado’s newest state park opened in May of 2013. It’s a $7 entrance fee into the park, but it gives you access to miles of trails. Staunton State park is almost 4,000 acres of beautiful land with hiking and cycling trails that wind around ponds, large rock outcroppings, wooded mountain sides, and even a waterfall. There are 15 trails in total, ranging in elevation from 8215 feet to 9579 feet.

I started on the Davis Ponds Trail. This is a 2.15 mile loop, at steady elevation. It was an easy trail to start off the day. It winds around two ponds, and is accessible from both the main parking lot and the overflow lots.



After this, I started on the Staunton Ranch trail. This hike is 3.3 miles one way. At the end you can start onto another trail, including Elf Falls and Eagle Cliffs Overlook. This one climbs in elevation and gives you better views of the Rocky Mountains, and cool rock formations that hang off the side of the mountain.


I hiked around 5 miles total this day. Because I come from a region that is at sea level, traveling to Colorado, which is one mile above sea level, can be very dangerous if I don’t give my body time to acclimate to the elevation. Altitude sickness is a very real problem, and something to be cautious of! This is just one of many hikes ahead of me this summer. Happy hiking!

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