Beautiful Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park


The Black Canyon was carved from the Gunnison River starting two million years ago. It has weathered this stone away into a canyon, up to 2,400 meters at its highest point. It’s located in western Colorado near the town of Montrose.

This park runs along the edge of the canyon for seven miles and offers 12 points for viewing. Here are five pictures to inspire you to visit this incredible national park.


A view of the canyon from Tomichi Point


Looking straight down at the Gunnison River, from the edge of Tomichi Point


The earth drops straight down into the canyon from every viewpoint


At Devil’s Overlook the drop off is so sheer you can’t see the bottom when you look down


Painted Rock, the highest point at this canyon at 2,415 meters

From my experience, the top three overlooks in the park are Tomichi Point, Devil’s Overlook & the Painted Wall. This canyon is repetitive, so even driving the seven miles to the end and back will feel fulfilling. It is an intimate park with stomach turning drop offs and a beautiful rivers that courses throughout the canyon.

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