Why I Love Fall in Indiana

Fall in Indiana

Fall is often pegged as the most ideal season in the Midwest: the temperatures are cooler, there is typically less humidity, and the forests come alive with the colors of changing leaves. There is so much to appreciate about autumn in Indiana, and after living here for twenty-two years I’d have to agree. I just need to brag a little about this beautiful state.

Not often thought of as a top-notch travel destination, but instead a fly-over state, Indiana actually has a lot to offer. And there’s no better time to explore this state than in the fall. Getting outdoors is so important before winter hits, and there are great hiking trails all across this state. From the Indiana Dunes in the north, to Turkey Run State Park in the middle, and the Hoosier National Forest in the south, this state is filled with great outdoor space. There are 25 state parks, and because Indiana is a small state they’re all in close proximity to you, wherever you are!

You also can’t beat an Indiana sunset. You can see the sunset fill the entire sky, and fall is the last chance to catch these masterpieces before grey winter skies begin. View them over Lake Michigan, over a cornfield, or through the buildings in downtown Indianapolis; they’re spectacular any way.

Some of the most popular things to do in the fall are apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. What better state than Indiana to check these off your list? The state is filled with locally-owned orchards where you can take hay rides, sip cider and carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Plus, in a state known for corn, there are some notch corn mazes. And don’t miss Indy Scream Park: a nationally ranked haunted house!

And finally, if my words weren’t enough, here is a photo collection centered around fall in Indiana:

IMG_4132CoveredBridgeIMG_4210 (1)IMG_3547IMG_3002IMG_3646IMG_3171 2IMG_3493DSCF8134DSCF8205DSCF8155IMG_4244 (1)

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