My Bucket List Travel Destinations

travel bucket list

We all have them – those travel destinations that seem too good to be true. We can’t wait for the day when we can book our flights and say we’re actually going. I have so many bucket list destinations, but here are my top 5!

5. Patagonia

The southern tip of South America is this beautiful land consisting of mountains, deserts, grasslands and rainforests. The environment is diverse and breath-taking. You can even ride to the tip of Antarctica from here!


4. Jordan

Located in the Middle East, Jordan is a country I’ve been dreaming about for ages. From the gorgeous sands and ancient temples to the bustling capital, Amman, and the Dead Sea, there is so much to do and see!


3. Nova Scotia, Canada

Surprisingly enough, I’ve never been to Canada! However, this little fishing province is filled with colorful buildings and boats all throughout the harbors. It has both city life in its capital, Hailfax, and fun outdoor adventures on the Atlantic Ocean.

nova scotia(source)

2. Ireland

From the sights in Dublin to the daring Cliffs of Moher, I feel that everywhere you go in Ireland is exciting. A few things I want to do in Ireland include a Guinness Brewery tour, exploring the cities and Blarney Castle.


1. The Seychelles 

When I think of a tropical paradise, this is immediately where my mind goes. This island nation off the coast of East Africa is my number one travel goal because of its beautiful beaches, palm trees and wildlife.

the seychelles(source)

These are my top five dream destinations. I can’t wait to check them off my bucket list! Where are your dream destinations? Where in the world are you going next?

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