Two Things You Must Do In Nashville, Tennessee

Driving along highway 65 and passing through Nashville? Only have an hour or two? Here are two things you must make time for in Nashville, Tennessee

#1. Grab Lunch at the Pharmacy

Nashville’s original beer garden, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden, is one of the best restaurants in the city. The menu is straightforward and delicious. They offer burgers, chicken and bratwurst, as well as delicious sides (which you can add chili or beer cheese to!). Everything is made in-house and is full of fresh ingredients, which is really unique. The flip side of the menu is their drink menu. They have brews on tap, German bottles, cider, wine, and hard shakes & floats!

My recommendation: Try the falafel burger: a vegetarian chickpea patty with yogurt raita, goat cheese, tomato and onion. For your side try the tater tots with beer cheese. And to top it off, order a hard Rosé shake. It’s infused with white chocolate!

Location: 731 McFerrin Ave, Nashville 37206.
Phone: (615) 712-9517.
Hours: 11-10 Sun-Thurs. 11-11 Fri & Sat.


#2. Visit the Parthenon

While you may not be able to fly to Athens for a weekend trip, you can certainly get to Nashville for a little taste of all that Greece has to offer! Known as the “Athens of the South,” Nashville is home to the only exact replica of the Parthenon – an ancient Greek temple located atop the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

While it doesn’t quite live up to the hype of the real temple, the Nashville Parthenon is unique in that it can show you what the Parthenon looked like when it was first built. See the building in-tact, with strong pillars, carvings along the top, and a replica of the gold statue of the Greek goddess Athena inside.


The History Behind the Parthenon (Greece)

The Parthenon was constructed from 447 BC – 438 BC. It is dedicated to Athena, who the citizens of Athens worshipped as their patron. This temple was built to replace a previous temple to Athena, which the Persians destroyed in battle in 480 BC. It has had many roles, including a Greek temple, a fortress during war, a Christian church and Islamic mosque. Today it stands as one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments.


The History Behind the Parthenon (Nashville)

This full-scale replica was built in 1897 as part of Tennessee’s 100th anniversary of joining the United States. Located in Centennial Park, the Parthenon was built because of the city’s nickname as the “Athens of the South.” This monument was the centerpiece of the celebration, and was not intended to remain one of the city’s landmarks, however, it would have been expensive to demolish and the residents liked the replica.

To this day hundreds of thousands of people come to Nashville to see this monument every year! I’m happy to say that I was one of them. While it can’t quite give you the same butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling as the original Parthenon, it’s a great way to teach ancient Greek history and see what the temple would have looked like in its prime.

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