A Girlfriend’s Getaway Guide to Valentine’s Day

valentine's day 2

On a day dedicated to showing love, what better way to show your bestie some appreciation than by taking a trip together? Spend Valentine’s Day together, spend Galentine’s Day together or take an entire weekend for yourselves. All you need is your best friend, a destination and hearts full of adventure!

Where to Go

This all depends on the types of personalities you and your best friend share. I recommend a day in the city. Large cities are a fun option because they offer many things to do, even in the winter when it’s cold in most of the country.

My bestie and I packed up and drove to Indianapolis for the day.


Read more about what to do in Indianapolis in the Winter.

It’s also fun to escape to the city for the day! Stretch your legs and get walking. Take in the tall buildings, the city lights and sounds, as well as the culture. Every city is unique and has something special to offer whether its known for is great local restaurants, night life, museums, theaters, shopping centers, sports teams, etc.

What to Do

This day is all about taking some time for a little tender, love and care.


Start by treating yourself to a coffee or brunch. A special tradition my friend and I have is stopping at Dunkin Donuts any time we venture outside of our town. We miss it so it’s always a treat whenever we find one!



Next, it’s time to pamper yourselves. I love getting my nails done, but because it can be pricey I usually opt for painting them myself. Even if a manicure/pedicure isn’t in your budget, most nail salons will offer a polish change for around $10. It’s definitely worth it! You could also book massages, get your hair done or spend the entire day at a spa. Either way, starting off your day looking and feeling beautiful and loved is what today is all about.


Don’t just hit your usual spots. This is a day to reconsider that pricey dress you’ve been putting off purchasing, or buying that pair of boots you’ve been dying to have. Why not create an entire outfit? Better yet, I’m a firm believer that besties belong in matching tees. I love girl power tees like these from H&M.

IMG_1910 3.JPG


Whether you both love art, science, history, astronomy or interactive museums, this is the perfect time to visit. If it’s cold you can get inside and admire stunning art pieces or revel in the complexity of the solar system. Every city has tons of museums. And don’t just hit the major museums, think about the smaller, local museums too!

Botanic Gardens

Many places have indoor botanic gardens. Surround yourselves with beautiful plants, rock gardens and even waterfalls as you experience different climates around the world. I absolutely love the Denver botanic garden, and went a few times this summer.

It’s also the perfect spot for a photoshoot!


Eat Locally

When you’re considering where to eat for dinner, try out new bars and restaurants! Skip the chains you can find anywhere, and head over to unique places. Ask locals for recommendations or search reviews for restaurants in your area. It’s always fun to try new restaurants, and it will make your experience more memorable.



Why not end your day by seeing a show? I love getting dressed up and going to the theater, and cities always have shows playing. If you’re in a big city, see a broadway show. If you’re in a smaller city, support a local theater.

Why You Should Go

We should all show love to our family and friends, but often we get sidetracked and busy with life. While your bestie probably knows how much you care, taking a day for some quality time is always a good idea. Show them some love by paying for their manicure or treating them to a surprise play or musical.

We’re all very thankful for those who make our lives better every day, so don’t forget them this week. Don’t let a busy schedule keep you from spending time together and go enjoy the day. You both deserve it!


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