What I Ate in Paris


You can’t walk all around a city for two days without stopping a few times for food. Before visiting Paris I didn’t know much about the cuisine, so I was excited to see what I would find.

Breakfast in Paris

For breakfast I started out with a croissant – a must for anyone visiting France. Until this point I had only tried the frozen croissants you unroll and bake in the oven (which are fine, but can not compare to the fresh ones I enjoyed in Paris). This was honestly my favorite food I tried! I’ve never tried a pastry that was so flaky and soft and a tiny bit buttery.

On Sunday morning I went to a restaurant and sat down instead of taking my food to-go. I have a Nutella crepe and a French coffee. My suggestion is to order the Nutella and Banana crepe and opt for a traditional coffee (unless your a fan of cognac).

I thought the French coffee would be mostly coffee with a splash of alcohol, but it was the other way around. My glass with filled with cognac and topped off with coffee and whipped cream. I honestly couldn’t drink it!

I’d also recommend ordering a crepe to-go. You’ll see street carts all over the city making fresh crepes! I think they’re best enjoyed while admiring this gorgeous city on foot.

Of course I still needed my coffee fix that morning, so on the way to Sacre-Coeur Basilica I stopped and had a cappuccino which made my morning. You can never go wrong with a cappuccino in Europe!

Lunch at the Lourve

I only ate one lunch in France, and I spent it at the Lourve. After a few hours looking at art I wanted a break to refresh and rejuvenate so I could continue my walking tour. Eating at the Lourve was nice because I could charge my phone and they have quite a few options for places to eat. I had salmon & another croissant (the first croissant I had from a small bakery was better, but that’s to be expected). The food here wasn’t bad albeit a bit pricey. I wouldn’t recommend it if you only have a short time in Paris, but if you’re able to dedicate an entire day to this museum it’s worth it to eat here!

Dinner in Paris

I really wanted to try a traditional French meal, so I made it a point to eat at a restaurant that would offer this for dinner. I ate near the Eiffel Tower and they had outdoor seating so I could enjoy the wonderful fall weather. Eating outdoors is one of my favorite aspects of Europe, and Paris did not disappoint!I had a beef stew with potatoes cooked in a red wine sauce and it was delightful! I really couldn’t have been happier. I topped it off with a Moscow Mule which isn’t French but hit the spot after a long day of traveling.

For Dessert

You can’t go to Paris without having a macaroon… or two! (Or a box of 6 to take home). You can find them all over the city. They are so tasty! You can’t go wrong and I could not tell you my favorite flavor. From chocolate to raspberry to coconut I’ve never tried a macaroon I didn’t like. I also enjoyed a few scoops of gelato. Lemon, mango & raspberry are a great combination! You can even find gelato shops around Paris that will form your cone to look like a rose. I grabbed some gelato while waiting for my train and I wouldn’t want to end the trip any other way.

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