Day Trips from Salzburg

If you ever find yourself in the area, there is a wonderful excursion just 45 minutes outside of Salzburg, Austria. The Salt Mines, King’s Lake and Konigsee are just across the border in Germany and many people make the trip down from Munich. However, you can hop on a city bus for €10.20 round trip and make your way here.  Here are three places to go on a day trip from Salzburg.

Salt Mines

While I love exploring cities, it’s nice to take a break and get into nature. I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of going to the Salt Mines but they ended up being a wonderful start to my day!

When you arrive you are handed a miner’s suit to put on, and if you speak a language other than German they have an audio guide for you. You, along with the other passengers, load up onto a small train and make your way inside the mine. You learn about harvesting salt while you’re underground! There’s also a boat ride and two slides (but be careful: they take your photo on the slide and I was not making the prettiest face).

This is a fun place for children, but adults also. I was very pleasantly surprised by my time here. They sell salt lamps and other souvenirs in the gift shop so its worth taking a look around.



This was my favorite part of the day. In the Berchtesgadener region of Germany is the town of Konigsee, where there is quite a bit to do. There is a touristy downtown with gelato, crepe stands and beer gardens.

There is also a gondola that will take you up into the Alps. This was one of the most spectacular rides because we just seemed to keep lifting up higher and higher! We watched as the town disappeared and we couldn’t see the farm animals in the fields anymore. Soon we couldn’t see anything because we were going through a cloud! The clouds formed all around us the higher we went.

You can take the gondola up the mountain and then hike down, or vice versa. There are a few different hiking trails you can follow. I did a very short hike down to this lake we passed on our way up. I was disappointed because it was so cloudy that I couldn’t see off the mountain, but it did make me feel like I was on the edge of the world.


King’s Lake

If heights or hiking are not your thing, you can take a two hour boat cruise through the mountains.

The town sits on King’s Lake which is known for its church isolated in the middle of the water. You can take a boat ride around the lake to see the church. Some of the excursions allow you to get off and explore the church, while on other rides you simply float past it.

On the boat ride, one of the guides plays a trumpet and you can hear it echoing off the mountains and the water! It’s a gorgeous spot as the water is a teal color and on the day I went it there was a thick mist hanging over the lake.


If you wake up early enough you can squeeze all of these activities into one day. If you have more time you can take longer hikes and spread it out over two days.

There is also Berchtesgaden National Park if you are interested in longer hikes. One day I’d really like to go back and explore this national park more.

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