Brugge in a Day


Often referred to as the “Venice of the North,” this canal city is as charming as can be. It’s a perfect day trip, especially in the fall when it’s cool and all of the leaves have turned. If you’re wondering what to do in this lovely city, take a look below.

Start with a Canal Tour

There’s no better way to see the city than on the canals! They wind their way through almost every street. These quick 30-minute tours will take you under bridges, past iconic landmarks and even get you up-close and personal with the swans floating by.


Cross the Bridge at the
‘Church of Our Lady’

This tiny bridge has the best view of the church! Don’t be surprised if you have to push your way between tour groups to get through. But it’s worth it in the end. This is the most iconic church in Brugge, constructed in the 13th century with a steeple reaching 115 meters in height!


Grab a Belgium Waffle

You can’t go wrong here! There are a few staples with Belgium’s cuisine, and the waffle is a must. I opted for strawberries, chocolate & whipped cream, but most of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants will have at least 10 different options. The cobblestone alley and brick buildings only add to the charm of this brunch option.


‘The Beer Experience’

This beer museum is really cool! Your ticket includes the museum and three glasses of beer in their tasting room at the end, so it’s worth the €15. When you first check in they give you a mini iPad and some headphones that you take with you through the museum. There are interactive stations like trivia and movies, so you just scan specific spots on the walls of the museum and on the iPad you can watch and learn about how beer is brewed. There is also an iconic wall of beer here that you won’t want to miss. However, the tasting at the end was my favorite part!

Travel Tip: There are many great museums in Brugge, including a frites museum and a chocolate museum! Check out all three if you have the time!


Grab Frites in the Alter Markt

This is one of the most iconic & most photographed spots in all of Brugge. There are little shops and food vendors, including Belgium fries! Despite America’s adaptation of the name “French fries,” they actually originated in Belgium Order them with the special sauce: mayo, curry ketchup & onions.


Walk Through Old Town

When the weather is nice, Brugge is a wonderful city to simply walk through. Cross the canals, stroll through the parks, window shop and stop in to sample some Belgium Chocolates while you’re at it. I couldn’t get over the beauty of this small, medieval city. Notice St. John’s hospital and the Provincial Palace. I even came across a little outdoor market where people were selling antiques and unique souvenirs. You never know what you’re going to stumble into!



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