3 Things You Can’t Miss in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a bucket-list European city for a lot of people, and I was lucky enough to visit this city this year! While there are countless things to do in this amazing city, I wanted to list three of my most-loved activities and explain why you can’t skip them if you choose to visit.

1. The Food & Drinks

There are so many great beers in Amsterdam. Heineken is just one example of the hundreds of beers produced in the Netherlands every year. According to DutchNews.nl, the Netherlands produces over 2,300 million litres of beer every single year!

It seems like around every corner you turn you can find a great little bar to sit and enjoy a drink or two.

Aside from the beer, Amsterdam has some great food! In my opinion, the frites are the best choice. Add on some mayo and you can take them to go! The street food here is wonderful so make sure to treat yourself a little and enjoy it while you’re there.

2. A Water Canal Ride

This hour-long taxi ride takes you through the city, weaving between the canals and going under bridges. You pass buy rows of beautifully-constructed buildings and houseboats floating on the edge of the canal. This canal ride is slow-moving and relaxing.

There are numerous canal tour agencies you can use. If you find the main train station there are quite a few in the canal outside here. For the hour-long canal the tickets are around €16.

If you want to do something more you can look for dinner cruises too!

3. The Museum of Prostitution

Legal prostitution is something that scares, fascinates and confuses people if it’s not a part of their culture. This is one of the things that sets Amsterdam apart from other cities around the world.

Educating yourself about prostitution and what this career choice is can be mind-opening. There is so much that goes on in this industry and the Red Light Secrets museum walks you through the life of one prostitute. It has interactive audio and rooms that replicate housing, etc. and shows statistics about prostitution from around the world.

While unconventional, this €10 museum will be well worth your time.

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Whatever you choose to do in Amsterdam, you’ll probably enjoy it. This city is fascinating! Do your research before you go so you have an idea of what you want to do and see before you arrive. Many things require you to book in advance, so be prepared!

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