My Favorite Food in Florence

If there is one thing I’ve learned from visiting Italy, it’s that you can’t find a bad meal here. The food is just spectacular, and even better, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find it! Any restaurant you walk into will have delicious pasta and pizza for under €15.

Let’s take a look at the great food I found while in Florence.

Street food is a must and can be found at markets all over the city. I found these flatbreads at the Mercato Central. This is one of the best places to go sampling because you can find delicious food pretty cheaply! The muffins are only €1 and there is plenty of fresh produce for anyone staying more than a few days and wants to try cooking at their AirBNB.

Travel Tip: This is an excellent place to sample olive oils and balsamic vinegars!

Pizza is a must here in Florence. I tried a spicy pepperoni pizza and it was hands-down the best pizza I’ve ever eaten! Doesn’t it look appetizing? I fell into a routine of eating pasta for lunch and pizza for dinner every day I was there, and I was happy. I even had the chance to make my very own pizza!

Another staple is the pasta. Like I mentioned, I ate pasta every day for lunch when I was here. All of the ingredients are so fresh, it makes all the difference. A Florence specialty is pear pasta, which is what the pasta with the pink sauce is. I found a pear pasta with a beetroot sauce. It wasn’t my favorite dish, but my roommates seemed to enjoy it. It’s something worth trying if you come to Florence. If you’re not as adventurous you can stick to the classic pasta dishes and you’ll be over-the-moon.

Nobody does coffee like the Italians! Especially if it’s a colder, rainy day like when I was visiting, nothing warms you up better than a cappuccino! Make sure to stop in a bakery in the morning to grab one. If it’s later in the afternoon, the Italians switch to espresso. It’s too strong for me, but if you like it then you’ll enjoy your time in Italy.

And of course, you won’t want to skip the wine. Especially in central Italy, the heart of Tuscany where there are endless vineyards, you have to have wine with your meals. The wine of the region is Chianti – a dry, red wine.

Travel Tip: The way to tell it’s an authentic bottle is by a black rooster on the neck of the bottle. This is the logo of authenticity, so any bottle without is a knock off!

My personal favorite wine in Florence is the Moscato. It’s always sparkling!

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