Wine Tasting in Tuscany

After booking my trip to Florence I knew I needed to head out of the city and into the countryside so I could explore a few vineyards and taste some delicious wine. It was something I wanted to do on my previous trip to Italy and didn’t get the chance, so I was completely stoked when I book this excursion!

When I was looking online there were so many companies to choose from for full-day or half-day excursions into the vineyards. It was hard to pick! AirBNB offers excursions too, so don’t forget to check there!

I ended up booking with Get Your Guide on a half-day excursion to two separate wineries in Tuscany. The tour lasted 6.5 hours and cost about $50 usd. Even Get Your Guide has multiple tours to choose from, so look around and take the time to find one that’s right for you!

First Winery

This tour meets at Piazzale Montelungo at the CAF Tours street sign. It was pretty easy to find and it was a nice walk around the outskirts of Florence to get to the tour bus.

Travel Tip: One problem we ran into was the lack of food options around the bus stop. The tour left in the early afternoon and we needed to grab lunch, so I recommend eating in the heart of Florence before you walk to the meeting point.

I made a friend here!

Tenuta Riseccoli

Our first winery welcomed us with a gorgeous stone building and incredible views of the rolling hills of Tuscany. Here we learned about how they make their wines and we could explore the grounds before heading inside for the tasting.

Once inside we sampled four different wines. The tastings were pretty small, but we also sampled cheese, meat and olive oil which were all extremely yummy! The room inside had a view out to the vineyard so it was a nice relaxing first stop.

Truthfully, my favorite part about this stop was the little kitty running around outside!

Greve in Chianti

After the first winery we made a pitstop in this gorgeous little village called Greve in Chianti. We had about an hour to wander around the square and shop for souvenirs, grab a bit to eat, or have another glass of wine. I opted for more wine!

This little town has actually been an important spot in Italy’s history for centuries. It was settled in the 11th century! It was always been quiet, but not isolated because of it’s location in the heart of Tuscany. It’s a beautiful little spot and a great time to pick up a few postcards from the region.

Second Winery

Poggio Amorelli

After our time spent in Greve we continued along to our second and last winery of the evening. Poggio Amorelli is a fantastic winery and was my favorite stop on the tour!

It helps that we arrived at sunset and had stunning views of his vineyard and the rolling hills as far as I could see!

The man who owns this vineyard is so passionate and knowledgeable about wine. I felt like I learned a lot about wine that I didn’t know. He also gave us much larger samples of his wine. If you’re brave enough you can even try his peach moonshine (it was delicious!).

He also ships his wine to the USA so you can order a few bottles to take home if you’re willing to pay the hefty shipping price.

Travel Tip: It was very frustrating when members of the tour group would talk while the owner was trying to tell us about his wine. Please don’t be disrespectful and participate in the experience – it’s what you paid for after all!

The most interesting thing he taught us was about how to tell if your Chianti wine bottle is authentic. The label of Chianti Classico bottles should have a black rooster around the neck – that’s the official seal. If it doesn’t then you’ve found a knock-off Chianti, and trust me there are a lot of knock-offs!

I really enjoyed getting to explore Tuscany. If I were to return I think I would choose an all-day tour so we could have more time at each location. It’s also important to note that I went in November, so we didn’t get to explore the last stop of the tour because it gets dark too early.

If you book in April-October you will end the tour with a stop in Castellina in Chianti, another small village in Tuscany.

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