My Cooking Class Experience with My Tours (Italy)

Nothing beats Italian cuisine! When I was in Rome, taking a cooking class with Walks of Italy was one of the best experiences of my life. When I decided to travel to Florence I wanted to take another cooking class, but this time I decided to make pizza and gelato instead of pasta.

My hotel had a brochure for the company My Tours who were offering a €49 class, so I decided to try it out.

The class is usually offered at two different times during the day and I signed up for the evening class. My two friends and I ended up being the only ones to sign up for the tour so we had a private class! That was the biggest plus of the night.

However, the night did not start out so pleasantly…

Getting to the Class

When we booked our tour we were emailed the confirmation and the meeting point. Finding the My Tours building was easy, and there was a guide waiting for us.

However, we learned it was a 15 minute walk to a van that would transport us to the class. As three females traveling alone, at night, in a foreign country we absolutely should not have gotten into a dark van with a strange man.

The van for this company is not even marked.

We drove outside of Florence for 15-20 minutes and the farther we drove the more remote it got. Then the van driver turned down a dark gravel alley. There were storage units on one side of us and a chain-link fence on the other. Needless to say we were all extremely nervous, ready to call 1-1-2 (the police).

Then the van pulled up in front of a building that had long counters, refrigerators and ovens so we knew everything would be okay. However, it took minutes for my adrenaline to slow down.

Travel Tip:

Ladies and gents, ALWAYS trust your gut. The moment I stepped into the van I regretted it. While I was lucky, this was an experience I’ll never forget and I know how careful I need to be. While I want to trust everyone, unfortunately that’s not a realistic standard. If you feel uneasy about something it’s always better to forgo and count your money as a loss than end up in a dangerous situation.

My Cooking Experience

This class ended up being extremely fun thanks to our amazing chef, Tamara! She was absolutely wonderful in teaching us as well as just chatting and getting to know each other. It helped that we were exactly the same age!

We started by prepping the gelato because it needed the longest time to make. Once we mixed the ingredients it sat in a machine and spun for the next few hours. I do wish we had more to do with this, like churning the gelato ourselves for a while.

Once it was mixing properly, we went to work at our pizza stations. We had to mix all of the ingredients together to make the dough. I even managed to toss the crust in the air and catch it!

I was very impressed by the toppings we could choose from as well. We ended up cutting up fresh mozzarella, pepperoni and a spicy pepperoni. It was scrumptious!

We got to roll it out, top it ourselves and then Tamara stuck the pizza in the oven for us. It only took a few minutes to bake and then we had a delicious pizza.

Did I mention we had bottomless wine too? Then we all sat down together to enjoy our pizzas, finish our wine and dig into our gelato. The gelato didn’t have enough time to fully form so it was runny, but the flavor was spot-on. It was a great way to end the day! Like in Rome, I always recommend taking a cooking class when in Italy. However, you get what you pay for.

My Walks of Italy class was much more professional than the My Tours class, and I enjoyed it more. However, there were perks to both. Taking a cooking class is something you won’t want to skip, just do your research so you find a class that is right for you!

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