What to Wear in Madrid in the Fall

Whenever I travel to a new place I try and research what current fashion trends are, what the weather will be, and how I can be prepared with what I’ve got in my closet. I never want to stick out like a tourist if I can help it! There were a few certain outfit choices I had to make when packing for Madrid, and this guide will help you ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

The locals in Spain are very serious about their fashion and appreciate a well-put-together outfit. You won’t catch locals looking dishevelled or like they just rolled out of bed, so make sure to put in a little effort while you’re here to keep up with trends.

Madrid’s Fall Weather

The good thing is that it doesn’t rain too often during the fall. You can expect to have pretty sunny days here in Spain. (Of course of the few days I was here in November it sprinkled!) I would still suggest packing a travel umbrella just in case. You can never be sure with unpredictable fall weather.

Now, if you’re coming in the early fall, September or October, it is still going to be pretty warm. You can expect 60’s & 70’s most days. As you progress into November, you’ll experience weather in the 40’s & 50’s. I travelled in late November and never needed a winter coat, but I did layer up underneath my jean jacket and I was glad I did!

It can get chilly, especially at night once the sun sets, so be prepared to layer your clothes.


When you’re packing, think of basic, earthy colors. I’m talking blacks, browns, navys, greens and creams. These simple colors are easy to mix-and-match and you’ll blend in with the local style. If you want to throw in a pattern try something simple like neutral stripes or florals.

  • Black & Blue Jeans
  • Jean Jacket
  • Tanks & Tees for Layering
  • Neutral Sweaters
  • Long-Sleeves with a Subtle Print
Jean jackets are so in! And this black jacket is the perfect color for Spain.


  • Boots

There is only one good option for footwear in the fall: boots. The locals are obsessed! Plus they’re practical for chilly weather and they look good with every outfit.

I went with a pair of grey boots I picked up from Primark for €13! You really can’t go wrong here, just remember to stick with those neutral colors. Blacks, browns and grays will serve you well.

Ultimately, you want to be comfortable when you’re traveling so skip the heels and opt for a low bootie that you won’t regret wearing at the end of the day!

My gray boots matched everything because I only packed neutral colors.


  • Scarf

If there is one outfit icon in Spain, it’s a scarf. Both men and women wear them all the time. If you don’t have one you love, it’s easy to find local shops that sell inexpensive scarves.

I brought a cream-colored scarf I picked up in Paris and it went really well with my black jean jacket! Scarves are not only a cute accessory, but can help in an unexpected change in weather. Any extra layer of protection from a chilly wind is welcome!

  • Sunnies

You won’t want to forget sunglasses! Spain is close to the Mediterranean, and you should see lots of bright days even as winter approaches. Stick with a neutral colors. A plain black or brown pair will match everything, or if you want to be more adventurous try a light mauve color like I did!

Boys, don’t be afraid to branch out! Everyone is Spain wears scarves in the fall.

What Not to Wear

  • Winter Coat – The weather in the fall is still nice! Even at Thanksgiving I was comfortable with long sleeves and a jean jacket. You’ll regret toting around a heavy coat and taking up space in your luggage.
  • Shorts – It’s definitely not warm enough for shorts, and you don’t want to enter a church wearing them because it’s disrespectful. Ditch the shorts for a pair of jeans rolled at the ankle.
  • Flip-Flops – While I shy away from wearing these anywhere, you definitely don’t want to wear them in Madrid. This is a city of fashion trends, not fashion mistakes!
  • Leggings – Unless you’re on your way to the gym, leggings are not going to cut it!
  • Short Skirts & Dresses – Spain still holds a bit of a sense of modesty, so you don’t want to be disrespectful. It’s also going to be too chilly (especially in late October & November) for exposed legs. Take after the locals and wear pants instead!
The later you go, the more likely you’ll see beanies out as well!

Keep it simple, and keep it trendy and you will be all set in Spain!

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