How to get into the John Hancock Tower for Free

If there’s one thing that sets any city apart, its the skyline. We’ve all seen the iconic shot of New York from the Top of the Rock, or of Sydney’s Opera House. In Chicago, the best view of the city is from the John Hancock Tower. From the top you can see the Willis Tower, Navy Pier and Lake Michigan stretching to the horizon.

The normal way of visiting the John Hancock Tower is by purchasing one of the many ticket bundles they offer.

To go up to the observatory deck is $22.00. This is just to get to the top! Then if you want you can opt for a package like the Tilt ($22.00 + $8.00) or a drink package ($27.50).

However, if you’re a local, you know there’s a better way to enjoy this view.

Steer clear of the ticket booths. Instead head into the building from below, by the Cheesecake Factory. Go up the escalators and hop in line for the Signature Lounge.

Located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock is a fantastic bar called the Signature Lounge. You can simply ride the elevator to the top, grab a table and spend the evening relaxing with a cocktail (or beer or wine) and some good appetizers while the sun goes down.

It’s completely free to get up to the top and enjoy the view.

Then if you want a drink, instead of paying $27.50 for a drink with a view, you can choose between any of their selections ranging in price from $10-$18.

Travel Tip: Get there by 4 p.m. to beat the crowds and get a table without having to wait!

Save some money and stop fighting the crowds. Instead sit back, relax, and watch the sun go down over one of the greatest cities in the world.

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