Why R&R Is So Important

Hi, everyone! Let’s chat.

I can’t believe February has come and gone in what feels like an instant! I don’t normally post blogs like this one, but I felt like since February was such a non-traditional month for me, I should include this non-traditional post.

In February, I didn’t travel anywhere. It seems unreal that I am saying that, in the sense that I have been so fortunate to travel so much over the last year. I haven’t taken “time off” from traveling since the fall of 2017.

What I’ve been up to…


A LOT has happened in the last few months. I have moved home after being abroad, graduated from college, accepted two temporary jobs (which I’m currently working) and started applying for full-time teaching jobs for this fall.

Which hasn’t left much room for travel. But it’s okay. In fact, it’s great!

I have been reading like crazy, which is something I love to do but had almost no time for last semester when I was student teaching full time and traveling on the weekends.

I’ve relaxed at coffee shops in my local town and written a dozen blog posts I needed to catch up on. I realized when I was in Europe how much I missed the American coffee culture. It’s not the same over there and I love relaxing for a few hours with a good latte and getting all my work done!

Most importantly, I’ve caught up with family. Parents, grandparents, my sister, aunts, uncles and cousins whom I’ve missed so much being six-eight time zones away from! To me, one of the best parts about traveling is the feeling when you come home and see everyone you’ve been missing.

Why R&R is so Important


Since graduating mid-year, I vowed to myself that this spring semester was going to be dedicated to focusing on myself. From taking time to relax to going to the gym frequently and saving money, I wanted time to just slow down and enjoy life.

Like all things, you can get burnt out on traveling! It’s not all fun and games, trust me. Long travel days, dirty Air BNBs and blistered feet from miles of walking every day are just a few of struggles. And while I love it all, it is so nice to have a break once in a while.

A few tips for self care:

  • Try yoga – Yoga with Adriene (YouTube) is one of my favorite channels for unwinding and relaxing while getting stronger.
  • Face masks – a $3 way to feel luxurious!
  • Take a walk – even if it’s cold, fresh air is so good for you.
  • Get a coffee – (or tea if that’s what you’re into).
  • Spend time with family – Family is the most important thing.
  • Put the screens away – turn off your phone, close out of Netflix and read a book or magazine, try a new hobby like crafting or gardening.
  • Volunteer – give a few hours back to your community.
  • Reach out to old friends – re-connecting with friends you haven’t talked to can truly help fill your spirit.

I am doing all of these things this winter and spring and I am starting to feel so rejuvenated. I can’t stress how important it is to take care of yourself. Plan time just for you – it’s not selfish, it’s vital!

What’s to Come


Let’s face it, full-time travel isn’t a realistic goal for most people (despite what you see on Instagram!). Those full-time travel accounts are so fortunate to have the careers they do, and they’ve made it work for them.

However, it’s not one of my goals and it never has been.

My page has always been about inspiring college students to use their breaks as an opportunity to grow and step outside of their comfort zone by exploring the world around them, whether it’s the state next door or a country halfway around the world.

Now that I’ve graduated, my blog is getting a bit of a makeover! You might have noticed I added a logo and a slogan: a Teacher who Travels. My focus is going to shift towards students and educators who can take advantage of their breaks to explore the world. I don’t want to promote full-time travel, I want to promote how to save for travel a few times a year: a goal that is achievable for the average working teacher.

This year may have less content that previous years because my focus is going to be on accepting and starting a full-time teaching career, which will involve moving cross-country if everything works out! This is expensive and it’s what most of my savings is going towards.

However, I have a few trips up my sleeve and even if this year is different from previous years, it’s going to be no less incredible.

Exciting News


One of my goals for 2019 was to visit Asia and I am so pleased to announce I am leaving on my first trip to Asia in 20 days! Get ready for tips and itineraries on how to travel China, and keep up with all my adventures as I embark on a new part of the world!

For those of you who have been around since the beginning, thank you for all of your support and love. For those of you who are first-time visitors, welcome! Keep checking back for more posts, and follow my Instagram and Facebook page for updates on when I publish new blog posts.

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