5 Tips for Surviving Long Layovers

Let’s face it: whether we’re trying to save some money, our flight is delayed or cancelled, or we’re non-revving, sometimes we end up hanging out at the airport longer than we anticipated.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of those long layovers.

1. Set a Budget

This is so important! Airport food is EXPENSIVE and you can easily cut into your vacation budget if you spend willy-nilly while you’re waiting around for your flight. Once you know how much you can allocate towards airport food, you can decide if that Starbucks coffee or cocktail at the bar is worth it!


2. Take a Walk

You’re going to be sitting on a cramped airplane, so don’t waste these hours away just sitting in a chair at the waiting room. Take a walk! Get up and stretch your legs and try to get your steps in for the day, even if it’s a small airport.

Bonus: Add in some light stretch for your legs as well as your back and shoulders. If you’re lugging a backpack around you’re going to be hurting!

3. Check Out the Airport Lounges

You may have access to a lounge, and if you do that is exactly where you should be. Grab some food, a shower, a nap and enjoy your visit. Kara and Nate are two YouTubers who go into a lot of detail on how to get access to lounges.


4. Skip the McDonalds

I know you’re on a budget, but there are better options. After you eat the greasy, fast food you’ll feel more sluggish, you may see breakouts on your face (which is already going to suffer from dry, cabin air), and many menu items are still more expensive. You’ll be thankful if you opt for a healthy food option while you’re waiting.

5. Bring Something to do Besides Watch Movies

Especially if you’re flying international, you’ll probably spend a few hours on the plane watching movies. During this time while you’re waiting, use the available wifi to catch up on work or school assignments. Better yet, bring something that doesn’t even involve a screen like a book, journal or game. Calling family and friends you haven’t spoken to is a great way to pass the time without getting bored watching a movie.


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