The ULTIMATE Travel Tag!

1. How many countries of the world have you already visited?

15! I’m originally from the USA, and I have been to Mexico, Canada, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Austria & China.

2. Which destination is the number one of your bucket list?

The Seychelles is at the VERY TOP of my bucket list. This beautiful island nation off the east coast of Africa looks beautiful from every angle, and I’d love to sail the islands.

3. Three other places at the top of your travel bucket list?

Japan, Peru & Iceland are all very high on my bucket list!

4. What does the ideal holiday look like for you?

A Southeast Asia holiday that is completely planned for me sounds nice. Splurging a bit and staying in hotels, riding in second or first class trains, exploring a few cities and then ending on the beach would be fantastic.

5. Favorite picture you’ve taken during a trip?

It’s so hard to narrow this down, but I’m going to go with a photo from my most-recent trip to China. Hiking the great wall was an experience of a life-time, and I like this picture because it’s different from my usual style. I’m staring at the camera and you can see how excited I am. Having the wall a bit out of focus in the background makes a subtle shock when you realize where I am and I love the coloring of everything. It’s just epic.

6. Have you had to travel for work so far? If so, where?

I have never had to travel for work.

7. With who would you like to go on a vacation sometime?

I want to take my sister around the world. We’re planning a cheeky trip to India in a few years!

8. Who or what would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

The person I’d take with me is my friend Alyssa, and the thing I’d take with me is my collection of Jane Austen novels. Emma is one of my favorite books!

9. Would you rather go to an amusement park or a zoo?

Despite not liking roller coasters, I’d rather go to an amusement park! I love the environment, food and easier rides. If I want to see an animal I’d rather see them in their natural habitat.

10. Mountain or sea?

Sea. I’m a beach girl at heart, growing up near Lake Michigan, and I dreamed of visiting the beaches of Greece my entire life. It even surpassed my expectations!

11. Which country(ies) will you visit this year?

I went to China this year, and I’ve got an epic American road trip planned for next week! I only have plans to visit one more country this summer, and we’ll see what the fall brings.

12. Where would you never visit?

Well, never say never, but I think North Korea is the only place I have no desire to visit. Of course, thirty years from now it could be completely different.

13. Which place did you think was so special that you wished to come back to it immediately after leaving it and still want to revisit now?

Greece! Of course, this country has my heart and I’ve talked my friends’ ears off for three years about my time here! I want to take all of my loved ones here and share this beautiful country with them.

14. A place you’ve been to where you would not go back to and why?

Tongli Water Town, Shanghai. This was a let down to me. You can read all about it in my blog post: Visiting Tongli Water Town

15. What was the last country you visited?


16. What is your favorite place on the planet that you have been to?

Greece! This seems like a repeat of #13… but seriously this country is so incredible in every way.

17. Favorite place in your home country?

New York City. There’s no place like it on earth. I’d like to move here one day!

18. You’re in an airport, and you know you can choose whichever destination to board a plane right now: which part of the world would you choose?

I’d be heading straight for South America! If I could spent two months backpacking my way through Columbia, Ecuador, Peru & Chili I would be an extremely happy camper. Flights to South America are pretty expensive which is why I haven’t been yet, but it’s high on my bucket list.

19. What’s your cup of tea – tropical island getaway, snowy ski break or city exploring trips?

Definitely a city exploring trip. There are so many amazing cities around the world with unique architecture and cool coffee shops. I love just walking around and seeing what I can discover.

20. What are your top 3 hand-luggage must haves?

Noise-cancelling headphones, travel journal & hand sanitizer

21. What 3 things would you take on holiday/travelling if you could?

360 camera, drone & unlimited Wifi (if only!)

22. Any travel tips to share?

Try to forget/ignore stereotypes and come to a new place with an open mind. Discover it for yourself.

23. What is your most pleasant trip memory?

When my plane touched down in Athens, Greece. I have never been (& probably never will be) as excited as I was then. I’ll never forget it.

24. What is your most unpleasant trip memory?

One time I tried to stay at a hostel in Rome… I only lasted 30 minutes and left in tears. I’m talking no luggage locks, dirty beds & BROKEN BATHROOMS. Yes, the sewage smelled awful.

25. Most surreal travel moment?

Standing atop the Acropolis in Athens. You can literally feel the history here. It was windy and you could see the entire city in 360. Some people go there entire lives without experiencing something like that!

26. Most embarrassing moment abroad?

When I didn’t know how the reservations worked on German trains and I got kicked out of my seat halfway through the journey!

27. Biggest disappointment?

Tongli Water Town, Shanghai, China

28. Nicest surprise?

I have two.

Madrid, Spain. This is a city most people would skip in order to visit Barcelona or islands, but I loved it! It was an awesome introduction to Spanish culture.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. I knew nothing about this country before I arrived in Germany and it ended up being one of my favorite destinations of the semester!

29. Favorite food discovery during a trip?

Chinese Jian Bing! These egg crepes are mouth-watering good. When I think about how I can’t have them anymore I get a bit sad.

30. Why do you travel?

The short answer? Because I love it. I love being lost in a new place knowing there are so many things waiting to be discovered, from cultural experiences to buildings to people. I love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I love breaking stereotypes that have been built up in my head. And I really, really love eating new foods.

31. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling?

After living in Germany I got very used to saying “Tschuss!” which is greeting, similar to thank you & goodbye combined. I miss using it now that I’m Stateside again.

32. Your dream travel companion?

A special someone I haven’t met yet.

33. Favorite city or country?

Since I keep answering Greece for my country, I’ll switch it up and choose my favorite city abroad (because we all know NYC is my #1).

Salzburg, Austria is my favorite city abroad. This is such a special place. It’s quaint with pastel colored buildings, located near the mountains with delicious food and beer. What more could you want?

34. Best item purchased abroad?

A little ceramic jar I purchased in Greece. I keep it on my vanity and I use it every day!

35. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

If you’re worried about money, look into budget travel. You don’t have to have a lot of money to have an epic travel experience! 99% of my travel experience is extremely budgeted! If you’re nervous about going abroad, just do it. Book a non-refundable plane ticket so you have to go and once you land I bet you’ll wonder why you were ever nervous in the first place.

36. Travel accessory you always pack?

Fashionable backpack to carry everything in!

37. Your most treasured passport stamp?


38. Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

No… should I be able to?

39. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or cars?

Trains! Train travel is the absolute BEST. I am a nervous flyer, and I love not having to worry about anything. I can sit back and relax, finish up on work or read a great book while someone else does all the hard work! I especially love that you can buy coffee on trains.

40. Hostel, hotel or AirBnb?

AirBNB is the BEST!

41. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I explore new places. The only places I repetitively visit are the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and New York City.

42. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?

I always read about the destination, not only for trip planning but to understand the culture. I don’t want to miss anything or make a silly mistake because I was uninformed!

43. Favorite travel website?

The Blonde Abroad’s blog is fantastic. I also enjoy vloggers on YouTube, especially Flying the Nest and Kara & Nate.

44. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name city and why.

Salzburg, Austria. In terms of beautiful places in Austria, it doesn’t seem to be at the top of anyone’s list, but I can’t understand why. It’s beautiful, charming, in a great location and has a lot to do! It’s an amazing place!

45. To which destination did you first take a plane to?

I can’t even remember. My dad’s a pilot and I’ve been flying my entire life. My first international flight was Chicago to Athens.

46. Suitcase versus backpack?

Both? Suitcases are awesome for people who aren’t good at packing light. Then I usually have a fashion backpack to carry around with me during the day.

47. Is there something you do on every trip?

I always buy a postcard from where I am. I date it and write on the back either my favorite memory or something I learned here. I’m collected them and building a book of the places I’ve been.

48. When traveling do you talk to locals easily?

No, and it’s something I want to get better at. It’s not in my nature to go out of my way to talk to new people, but because of traveling I’m getting better at it.

49. Do you feel like you’re different when traveling?

I don’t think I am different while I’m traveling, but I think I’m more reflective and appreciative of my life and this beautiful world. I’m certainly different when I come home. Traveling changes you, in a lot of ways you can’t even describe.

50. What is the greatest travel-dream you would like to accomplish before hitting your next big life-turn?

My goal is to visit all 50 states before I turn 30! I’m more than halfway there, so I feel good about it!

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