The Best Hike at Bryce Canyon National Park

Whenever I visit a national park, I always talk to the rangers to find out how I should spend my day. They know the best hikes and can warn you about weather or other tidbits of information you should know. I am so glad I talked to a ranger and Bryce Canyon because she mapped out the perfect trail for my capabilities, and I feel I truly saw the most I could in one day.

Here is the best hike at Bryce Canyon National park.

This is a combination of multiple trails called the Bryce Amphitheater Traverse , 4.7 miles long with 1070ft of elevation gain, and it’s totally worth it! Bryce Canyon has a shuttle system, so hop on and ride it over to Bryce Point. That’s where we’re starting our hike.

Bryce Point

The first 1.1 miles of your hike is downhill as you descend from Bryce Point. You get to weave your way under arches and around rock formations. I’ve never seen anything like it! This easily became my favorite national park because of how stunning the views of the canyon are.

Peek-A-Boo Loop

Next, you’ll reach a sign for the Peek-A-Boo Loop trail. Hang a left and continue on. This is about two miles with some switchbacks. There is a lot of up-and-downs on this part of the trail, and ultimately you’re still descending into the canyon.

Queen’s Garden

The next trail you’ll come to is Queen’s Garden. Hope on here for about a mile. You’ll be on flat ground at the bottom of the canyon and you’ll notice all of the vegetation! I was very surprised by it.

There is a cool rock formation named after Queen Victoria. It looks like she is perched on her throne looking out over the canyon. This is the easiest of any of the trails that descends into Bryce Canyon.

Can you spot Queen Victoria?

Sunset Point

The last 3/4 of a mile is the ascend back up the canyon. You can do it! There are such amazing views of the park, and the landscape starts to change to more of a sandy desert with cool trees. As you switchback up to the top, stop and admire your last views of the park.

There you have it – the best hike at Bryce Canyon! If you’ve been, what’s your favorite trail here?

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