The Perfect Day Trip From Phoenix

Visiting Sedona & Slide Rock

If you want to go somewhere unique, with great landscapes, mountain views, red rocks, charming city life and rich cultural history, look no further. Sedona, Arizona is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited and I’d recommend it to anyone heading out west.

I was staying in Phoenix and decided to take a day trip out here which was perfect. It’s about 2 hours away and it’s a gorgeous drive through the mountains. When you arrive you’re surrounded by red cliffs towering over you in every direction and a charming little city. There is a lot to do here, and this is how I spent my day.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

This is my #1 recommendation in Sedona. On my trip I spent so much time outdoors hiking that I wanted a bit of city life. This little shopping village is incredibly adorable, and there are so many unique shops! You can find beautiful turquoise jewelry here, art for your house or yard, unique Native American pottery and more.

My favorite shop was Sedona Candle Magic. They are all hand-made, and the employees will be making them while you’re shopping! They are beautiful candles with a waxy outer layer, and they are carved so when they are lit the shapes glow.

Fun Fact: You’ll see this symbol a lot around the American Southwest. This is the fertility deity from some Native American tribes and he would bring vegetation to the harsh climates.

Spend your morning here lazily shopping around and enjoying the plants, fountains and architecture at this shopping center.

The Chai Spot

If you need a break while you’re shopping, you must go to the Chai Spot. I absolutely loved it! It’s not your average tea shop…

“The Chai Spot aims to be the place where cultural and religious differences are left at the door. Full of color, love, and light, our space offers customers time to indulge in dialogue about how to make peace a more possible act.”

It not only serves delicious chai drinks and Turkish delights, but they have clothes, books by strong women and home goods created by women.

“As a cause-driven initiative, we are focused on providing opportunities to women in Pakistan to use their skills for income generation for themselves and their families. This not only boosts their confidence but gives them a respectful and dignified position in the household.”

You can host book clubs and other gatherings on their deck, and if I were a local I would be here all the time!


You can’t go to Arizona without trying some delicious Mexican food! The best thing to do? Ask a local where you should go. Someone recommended that we try Tortas De Fuego, and we were told the one on the outskirts of town has the full bar and more seating. We couldn’t even find a parking spot for the location in town!

There are tons of delicious spots for Mexican food in this area, so don’t pass up the opportunity for some yummy pico de gallo and street tacos for lunch!

Slide Rock State Park

There are many, many hiking and outdoor options in Sedona. You really can’t go wrong! However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, you need to head over to Slide Rock State Park.

Slide Rock is really unique because it started as a homestead in the early 1900s with apple trees! Not what you’d expect in the desert. They have preserved some of the apple trees and some of the old lodges from the 1930s when people could come visit.

There are also hiking trails here, so you can head out into nature and enjoy some time in the sunshine.

However, if you’re a water bug like me then you need to head over to the river. There are natural water slides that have formed over the massive flat rocks lining the bottom of the river! It is so much fun!

The water is cold, so brace yourself. There is also an area of the river that’s deep enough to jump into, so visitors will line up on a rock about 8 feet up and jump into the water. It was a blast!

What You Need To Bring To Slide Rock:

  • $20 – the entrance fee
  • Chacos, Crocks or water shoes – the bottom is very slippery so I was grateful to have my Chacos! I watched other people take some pretty hard falls, but I never did.
  • Sunscreen – there’s no shade here
  • Sunglasses – that desert sun is bright!
  • Spandex – I wish I’d had these instead of normal swimsuit bottoms! The currents can be fast and the rocks can be rough against your skin. Wear long bottoms that grip to you so you don’t scrape your bum!

What You Shouldn’t Bring To Slide Rock:

  • Floaties & Tubes – kids were trying to use these on the natural water slides but they got stuck and caused pile-ups. Be careful and just go down on your own!

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