My Summer Travel Makeup Routine

Makeup is something I go back-and-forth with. Do I need to wear it? How much should I wear? How much is too much? Especially when I’m traveling, I want to look pretty in my pictures but I don’t want to overdue it. And in the summer, I know I could sweat it off anyway!

I finally feel like I’ve mastered a very easy, natural and affordable summer makeup routine, and here are the products I use to complete my sunkissed look.

Base Products

Starting with my base layer, I love a BB Cream in the summer time covered with a light powder. I choose BB Creams because they come with sun screen built in, and they are so much lighter on the skin. I don’t want heavy makeup in the summer time!

I always set it with a powder because I have oily skin and this will help keep it in place even in the heat. Maybelline has a great selection of powders, but I always seem to come back to the Fit Me! pressed powder.

Face Products

Up next I like to top off my powder with some coloring on my cheeks. I love adding a bronzer in the summer – who doesn’t! And I’ll add a light blush and highlight to finish off the cheeks.

One of the best ways to pack these products is by investing in a palette. A face palette will have bronzer, blush and highlight all in one. My favorite face palette is the Too Faced Natural Face Highlight, Blush and Bronzing Veil Face Palette | $44 |. It’s so easy to just grab this and go, and I think the colors are absolutely stunning.

If palettes aren’t your thing, this is what I like to use for stand-alone products:

Hoola Bronzer is just a beautiful shade and it applies so smoothly! The MILK blush is a cream blush I’ve just started using this year and I’ve fallen in love with it. I love a cream blush in the summer because it applies so easily with my beauty blender and gives me a very natural stain. And everything by ColourPop is wonderful, but their highlights are amazing! They also have a creamy consistency and you can apply them with your fingers, beauty sponge or brush. All summer this year these are the three things I haven’t left home without.

Eyes & Lips Products

This is going to be the easiest part of the routine! Mascara and a light lip color is all you need. For mascara, my favorite is the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black |$7.95 | . I love a mascara that adds volume to my lashes, especially when I’m not wearing any eye shadow with them.

As for the lips, I’m a big fan of Vaseline Lip Therapy Tinted Lip Balm Mini, Rosy | $1.99 |. It’s so small you can throw it in any bag, and I always want my lips looking hydrated and full in the summer. This keeps them soft and the rosy tint adds the perfect amount of color for summer. If it’s not enough for you, just grab your MILK Lip + Cheek tint and top it off!

Tools & Brushes

A must-have is a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | $5.99 |. This is the affordable alternative to a Beauty Blender that works super well at blending out my BB Cream and my cream blush in the summer. I never go anywhere without it!

The brushes I bring with me are pretty simple. They all come from Morphe because they’re affordable and good quality! I don’t have issues with the brush hairs falling out, and they’re durable through all the traveling I do.

What are your must-have products? Comment below your favorite makeup brands and products so I can try them!

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