10 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

One of the most difficult things about travel is that you break away from your normal routine. It’s so much easier to eat right and work out when you have a set schedule every day! During a vacation or a trip you don’t have that luxury anymore, so lots of people throw their diets out the window or don’t exercise the entire week (or more).

These are my best tips for staying healthy and sticking to that routine while you’re on the road!

Recovering from jet lag is so crucial to staying healthy! When you’re not sleeping well your entire body is confused, and you’ll be eating at odd times during the day and night. You won’t feel motivated and you’ll drag as the day goes on. If you can, a few days before your trip start adjusting to the new time zone. Even if it’s just a few hours difference you’re body will recover more quickly when you arrive! Then do you best to go to sleep and wake up at a normal time until you have adjusted.

I have to work extra hard because I have trouble sleeping on planes. Even after 13 hours to Beijing I had to stay awake all day when I landed!

Wherever you go, bring a water bottle with you. Everyone should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day, and when you’re body clock is off and you’re busy all day long, it’s hard on your body. Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to stay healthy while you’re traveling. Also, when you’re drinking water, you’re not consuming sugary sodas or highly caffeinated drinks.

Of course I had one out west, but I carried them all over Europe as well.

This one can be challenging when you’re in a new place and you just want to try all the new food! However, over-eating is what gets most people breaking away from their diets on vacation. If there’s something you see and you want to try it but you’re not ready for a meal, get a sample or split it with friends. You can have a taste of new foods without eating extra meals during the day! You’d be surprised at how often you feel truly hungry… for most adults it’s only 2 times a day!

It can be challenging to avoid delicious street food. Truly evaluate if you’re hungry or not before you impulsively buy it.

If you want to be active, skip the taxis and metros and opt for walking to your destinations. As often as possible, stay on your feet and you’ll burn off all those extra calories in no time! You’d be amazed at how many steps you can get in during the day, and you’ll see so much more of the cities you’re in. You’re more likely to find hidden gems you wouldn’t even see if you were on the metro!

Paris is charming, and I found delicious macaroon shops just passing by!

This is a biggie! Travel with people who know, understand and encourage your healthy lifestyle. If you have travel companions who are supporting you, they are going to offer up healthy ideas for food and activities! They’ll share meals with you and remind you to opt out of a taxi. And it works both ways, so you’ll help them stay healthy while traveling as well.

My friends are great travel companions because they help me follow my goals.

When you’re out to eat and a massive serving is placed in front of you, don’t just dig in. I don’t care how hungry you are! Pause and assess your plate. Take your knife and cut that burger in half. Separate the pasta into two portions on your plate. Do what you need to do to break up that big meal. Then, when you’re eating start with half. When you finish, take a break and then evaluate if you’re hungry enough to eat any more of it. You’ll find most times you’ve had enough! And now you have some yummy leftovers.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Especially in America where portions are massive!

When you’re traveling, don’t sleep in! Get an early start to your day. You’ll not only beat the crowds, but you’ll get your metabolism moving early on. Waking up at the same time every day is really good for your body, and you’ll adjust to a sleep schedule easier if you start your day early and hold off on the naps. You can also wake up 30 minutes earlier than planning and get in an at-home (or at-hotel) workout!

Ever tried yoga on the beach at sunrise?

Drinks get me every time. I love a good cocktail, but they have so much sugar! Cutting out sugary drinks is a great way to stay healthier on your vacation. My favorite cocktail now is a Vodka Tonic, or the spiked sparkling waters you can buy at the store!

You can’t go wrong with Tito’s & Tonics.

Don’t opt for the ‘Venti’ in every situation. Go for a small size and then decide if you’re still hungry, rather than feeling obligated to finish a large meal you spent more money on. Sometimes it’s really fun to get appetizers to share! I loved the tapas I had in Spain, and the entire food culture there. I learned that eating a little bit at a time over the course of your entire meal is so much better than waiting for all your food to come out at once. When I walked around the markets, I would almost sample a bunch of different food, and I didn’t overeat! I enjoyed a taste and then I moved on. I’m trying to practice that more not only when I travel but at home too.

A good tip is to buy smaller plates. If you have a small portion on a large plate, you trick your mind into thinking you don’t have enough food in front of you. However, if it’s on a small plate your brain thinks you have the right amount!

I love tapas-style meals and markets.

There’s nothing I love more than doing a yoga flow after getting off a long plane ride or road trip. It’s the best way to stretch out! You can do yoga almost anywhere, even in small hotel rooms. Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, give it a shot next time you have 15 minutes to spare. Everyone can do yoga, and you’ll thank me for it later!

I love watching ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on YouTube. If you don’t know where to start, start with her!

Nothing feels better than resting after a long yoga flow.

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