I’ve Moved!

If you were with me last year, you’d remember me mentioning in my 2018 Wrap-Up that looking ahead was going to be a funky year for me. I was going to spend less time traveling because I’d be focusing on starting my first job out of college and moving to a brand-new city!

Well, the time has come. It’s been a pretty crazy summer for me because I continued to plan some epic trips as well as move to a new city, and I’m happy to announce I’ve settled in and school has started.

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram, you’ll know that Fort Wayne, Indiana, is my new home for the foreseeable future! It’s not what I had in mind, but that’s how life goes sometimes. C’est la vie!

My new apartment is adorable, and I’m slowly decorating it, although my favorite spot is definitely my reading corner in my bedroom. I have a chair that was my mom’s that is the highlight of my bedroom, and I’ve spent some enjoyable evenings here drinking tea and reading new books.

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I’m also taking time to slowly learn my way around ‘The Fort’. I’ve been visiting festivals, farmer’s markets, eating at food trucks, taking on the walking trails downtown, and I’m on a hunt for the best burger in town, so leave your recommendations below.

I’ve also been testing out the coffee shops in search for the best place for me to blog, grade papers, lesson plan, and just enjoy a good cup of coffee. So far, Conjure Coffee is my favorite. It’s pretty, quirky, the staff is really nice and the coffee cups are yellow which is a huge bonus.

I know that New York City has always been my dream, but there are a few reasons I’ve decided to postpone that. Most of that decision has to do with how teaching licenses work. On a state-by-state basis, it is a lot of work to transfer an initial license, so it makes more sense for me to stay in-state and get some teaching experience before I move. With the lowest cost of living in the United States, I’ll also have more money for travel living in Fort Wayne than I would in NYC!

And I get to live with two beautiful roommates here in Fort Wayne. You may recognize sweet Paige from my travels abroad and out west, and I have a new friend Marcie who you’ll be seeing on Instagram too! I am excited for what the year holds for me, as well as looking into travel plans for 2020. While the traveling will slow down for the school year, it’s certainly not stopping!

Happy travels!

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