Looking Back on September

I can’t believe it’s September 30th! My favorite month of the year is almost over, although it hasn’t actually felt like it because it’s been in the 80’s the entire time. I’m ready for fall weather, pumpkin patches, sweaters and apple cider. None of that happens when it’s 86° outside.

Here’s what happened in September.

Charleston, West Virginia

September rolled around during Labor Day Weekend while I was in West Virginia with friends. We strolled through Capitol Market, went Whiskey Tasting, shopped at one of my favorite book stores (Taylor Books), and ended the trip by tubing down the Elk River.

I really enjoyed my time in Charleston for a few reasons. First, now that Derek and Alyssa and I all accepted teaching positions, we’re a few hours away from each other. I don’t get to see them very often, so when I do I really treasure the time I get to spend with them. Second, I felt like I fit into Charleston well. I loved the laid back vibe of the city, the charming buildings downtown, and the easy access to nature in the mountains just outside the city limits.

If you haven’t seen my West Virginia Blogs, check them out!

My Birthday!

On September 7th I turned 24! Can you believe it? It doesn’t seem real that I am already 24. The night before my roommates took me out to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Fort Wayne and I had one of the best Chimichangas I’ve ever had.

I celebrated my birthday with a 4-hour work training session, but my coworkers signed cards and brought me cupcakes and a balloon, so it was all worth it.

That evening, my best friends came in from out of town and we had a great night drinking margs and Telestrations before heading out to a drag bar. Ending your birthday at an iHop at 3 a.m. is alright in my book. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so wonderful!

If you haven’t read my Birthday Blog Post, check it out!

90’s Night

I’ve spent a lot of my September getting accustomed to working full time and trying to be the best educator I can for my students. I’m lucky enough to work with some amazing people, and we went out to see a 90’s cover band one weekend!

We had a blast, dressing in 90’s clothes, playing life-size jenga and then jamming out on the dance floor to all of the classics: Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, etc.

Bluffton Street Fair

One of the things I love most about where I live is the seemingly endless amount of festivals happening every weekend. I can’t even keep up with them all! I have to pick and choose which festivals I want to go to.

I decided to head south of the city and meet up with my best friends to go to the Bluffton Street Fair. For an entire week the entire main street of this little town is shut down for carnival rides, fair food and games. I tried fried cookie dough for the first time, and pumpkin ice cream! I also watched a wrestling match for the first time, and it was hilarious to see how into it the crowd was getting.

One of the fighters slid off the ring at one point, leaned against the fence and reminded all of the ladies in our group that he was single (while wearing a tiny speedo costume). I’m not totally sure what was going on, but it was a blast.

Trying New Restaurants & Coffee Shops

One of the best parts about traveling or moving to a new place is getting to explore the local restaurants. It feels like Fort Wayne has an endless amount of cool restaurants for me to try out, and I’ve barely started to even make a dent in my list of restaurants to try.

However, I have managed to find some goodies.

  • Conjure Coffee
  • Hoppy Gnome
  • Shigs n Pit BBQ
  • Pint & Slice
  • Firefly Coffee

Please leave me recommendations in the comment section on where I should eat next!

September, you’ve been good to me. Thank you for giving me the chance to explore a new state, visit with old friends, get to know my coworkers better, bond with my roommates, teach some really cool lessons, know my students better, start two clubs at my school and still take the time for me to read and blog.

Sometimes it’s hard not to be jealous when I watch full-time travelers on YouTube, but then I look back at my own life and reflect over where I’ve been and who I’ve met, and I’m so blessed.

Even though teaching is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, it has it’s rewards in small moments. It leaves me exhausted, but any time a student is excited about a new book we have in the library or finally understands a concept we’ve been working on, my heart sings a happy song. Even though this last week of September was the toughest week I’ve had as far as behavior goes, I can’t wait to get back on Monday and continue working with these kids. I know they’re going to go so far in life and having a weekend to rest and reset has allowed me to feel ready for whatever October is going to bring.

Looking ahead, October is going to follow a similar pattern. I have a trip planned for my fall break long weekend, and then I plan on spending the rest of the months exploring more of Fort Wayne! For my break I’m heading somewhere warmer. Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below!

Keep exploring, loves!

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